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About Us

Business Plan
Do you want to know more about our business plan to make money?

JINYIBO Vision: Self-Discipline and Social Commitment.

JINYIBO Mission: To make instruments as per standards, to ensure precision through science and technology, to satisfy clients with our service, to gain users from our responsibility. Short as: Precise Instruments, Perfect Experience.

JINYIBO Aim: To be the preferred supplier of analytical instruments globally.

JINYIBO Value: Diligent, Harmonious, Pragmatic, Innovation.

Diligent and Hardworking

We believe that all successful,

Need to pay double;

Tolerance for solitude and hardships is,

Necessary to get more opportunities;

Never give up when meet difficulties, 

Hold out until the moment of victory.

Harmonious and Positive

Always with positive attitude, To face work

Always with positive energy, To affect and encourage colleagues  

Always keep a learning mind ,To improve own ability

Pragmatic and Honest

No matter when and where,

Make a commitment,

Try our best to achieve it;

Don't cheat and to be honest; 

Responsible for work and job;

Brave to take responsibility and dare to bear it

Innovation and Cooperative

Never stop innovation

Innovation is the soul of our company

Believe team power

Give full play to strong points 

Complement team advantages 

Cooperate and help colleague

Work hard to achieve team goal 

Provide reasonable suggestion

To promote company's development

Customer First 

Think what is in customer's needs and providing world-class service and support.

Designing, manufacturing and supporting quality innovative high-performance products in partnership with our suppliers, for our customers.

Don't pass the buck, even its not our problem.

Offer help for customers positively.

By achieving these goals, we will be a valuable and responsive partner to our customers and our suppliers.