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Ultimate Performance for Metal Analysis

Metal analyzer
CCD-based, spark discharge, optical emission spectrometer 
Software-extendable configuration fro utmost elemental flexibility 
Ultra-low limits of detection
Ultra-high speed of measurement
Long-term stability and repeatability
Excellent vertical optical emission spectroscopy

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W6-The most advanced Arc/Spark-OES with Ultimate Performance for Metal Analysis. It use  full-digital technology to replace bulky photomultiplier tube (PMT)  simulation technology and in the lead of international spectrometer technology. The adoption of vacuum optical chamber design, full-digital excitation light source, advanced CCD detectors, and high-speed data readout system equips the device with high properties, ultra-low limit of detection (LOD), long-term stability and repeatability. Its analytical precision reaches the world leading level. It is one of the major devices that applies to quality control, material brand recognition, material research and development in the metallic manufacturing, processing and smelting industry. This analyzer sets a new standard for R&D and process/quality control.

W6 optical emission spectrometers(spark OES) as one of the major devices that applies to quality control, material brand recognition, material research and development in the metallic manufacturing, processing and smelting industry.W6 are used for applications in metal elemental analysis, trace element analysis for science and industry like Metallurgy, Foundry, Mechanical Engineering, Scientific Research, Product Inspection, Automobile, Petrochemical Engineering, Shipbuilding, Electrics, Aerospace, Nuclear Power, Metallic and Nonferrous Metallic Smelting, Processing and Recycling.

Iron(Fe) and its alloys (Steel alloy, Cast iron, Fe-Low alloy, Fe-Cr steel, Fe-Cast iron, Fe-Cr-cast, Fe-Mn steel, Fe-Tool steel etc.)
Aluminium(Al) and its alloys (Al-Si alloy, Al-Zn alloy, Al-Cu alloy, Al-Mg alloy, Pure-Al alloy etc)
Copper(Cu) and its alloys (Brass, Copper-Nickel-Zn, Aluminum Bronze, Tin-lead Bronze, Red Copper, Be-Bronze, Si-Bronze etc)
Nickel(Ni) and its alloys (Pure Ni, Monel metal, Hadtelloy Alloy, Incoloy, Inconel, Nimonic etc)
Cobalt(Co) and its alloys (Co-orientation, Low Co alloy, Stellite 6,25,31, Stellite 8,WI 52, Stellite 188, F)
Magnesium(Mg) and its alloys (Pure Mg, Mg/Al/Mn/Zn-alloys)
Titanium(Ti) and its alloys

Zinc(Zn) and its alloys

Lead(Pb) and its alloys

Tin(Sn) and its alloys

Argentum(Ag) and its alloys

Small sample, special size sample and wire detection

1. Optimized vacuum optics system

⑴ Integrated optics room and Paschen Runge construction design, making all the spectrum lines focused on the gratings.

⑵ Direct-jet type optics technology and MgF2 material lens to make sure ultraviolet wave′s best energy of elements, such as C,S, P and N.

2. Full Digital Inspire Light Source

⑴ The system uses the most internationally-advanced plasma inspire light source, and generates ultra-stable energy release to excite samples in the environment filled with argon gas.

⑵ Full Digital Inspire Light Source ensures ultra-high resolution and high-stability output rate of plasma in the excitation samples.

⑶ Full Digital Inspire Light Source can satisfy inspire requirements for different type of materials.

3. Functional design excitation device

Integrated gas lines, Jet type electrode technology and opened copper spark platform not only can insure the samples' measuring precision but also cater to different shapes' samples.(Including wire materials)

Single plate lens equipment design is easy to user for washing and maintaining the excitation platform and lens.

4. Unique argon gas supply system

New integrated gas circuit module for the argon system and spark argon flow design significantly improve the ability of argon gas cleaning metal dust, built-in thermal argon supply device, ensure to achieve the best excitation condition and the stability of the stimulating environment. Ensure the stability of the data.

5.Advanced vacuum system

Adopted the new vacuum chamber system design, light in the instrument non-working state does not require real-time optical chamber of argon purging, greatly reduces the usage of argon gas, saving the cost of the customer use.

Adopt international standard vacuum unit, maximum limit to ensure the safety of the vacuum system, to ensure low ultraviolet (VUV) spectrum signal has very good performance.

Instrument for real-time monitoring the working state of the vacuum chamber of light.

6. Highly integrated and direct reading system

⑴Flexible sample clamp design of Open-Access Excitation Stand satisfies user on-site analysis of samples with different sizes and shapes

⑵ The small sample clamps in cooperative use can make the analytic precision of wire rods achieve 1.5 mm at the minimum.

7. Visual and easy-operate analysis software

The multi-language CCD full spectrum analysis software, which based on the WINDOWS system, provides powerful data processing ability and testing report output capacity for users under the whole management and controlment of the measuring process.

The apparatus equips many factory calibration curves and many materials to the more advanced solution methods.

The apparatus realizes the full spectrum analysis of intelligent jammer, dark current, the algorithm of appearing and disappearing faces, highly improving the analysis ability of testing machine.








Optical System

Focal Length


Wavelength range



High resolution CCD Multi detectors

Degree of vacuum

Auto control within 6-20 pa

Pixel resolution


Grating line


First order spectral line dispersion rare


Average resolution ratio


Full spectrum

Light room temperature is controlled automatically





Spark Source


Digital arc and spark source

Spark frequency


Plasma current


Ignition voltage



Excitation light

Optimization of discharge parameters design

High energy precombustion technology HEPS


High-speed data synchronization acquisition and processing



Spark Stand


Tungsten electrode technology

Make up

Thermal deformation self-compensation design

Argon flushed with minimal consumption of Argon

Spray discharge electrode technology

Adjustable electrode technology






Measurable elements

FeAlCuNiTiCoZnSnMgPb  etc




About 235kg

Storage temperature


Operating temperature

10-35, 23±2 is recommended



Power consumption

Excitation:700W/Stand by:100W

Argon quality

99.999%, Argon pressure>4Mpa

Argon consumption

5L/min during spark mode


Ethernet data transmission based on DM9000A

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