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High-Performance XRF Spectrometer for Multi Elemental Analysis

Accurate, Fast, Non-Destructive, Straightforward, Environmentally Protective
For the elements in the range of Na-U
Halogen-free testing, ROHS/ELV testing
Coating thickness measurement
Identification of jewelry, precious stones, precious metals
Master the unknown material
Outstanding sensitivity leads to up to a factor 3 improved precision
Low measurement cost, easy to operate

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The TY-9800 X-ray fluorescence spectrometer represents a quantum leap in energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence technology. It is an advanced precise analytical instrument that reaches the lead level. It has obvious advantages that don’t need to do special treatment on samples, quick analysis, high analysis accuracy, simple operation and low measurement cost. Also it provides breakthrough advances in multi-elemental analysis of major, minor, and trace element concentrations. New developments in excitation and detection deliver outstanding sensitivity and detection limits — yielding remarkable gains in precision and accuracy. It can help test ROHS or ELV and can help follow the toy regulations to ensure the products are green and environmental protection. It deliver much of the analytical power of top-grade laboratory benchtop analyzers. And provide exceptional performance, at wide concentration levels, for all of the relevant elements in the range of Na-U.

TY-9800 X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer can perform qualitative and quantitative analysis of elements excluding carbon element on all types of materials. It performs well on elements including Mg, Al, Si, S, P, Mn that are difficult to analyze on other instruments.

1. Steel Industry: Content analysis of element excluding carbon element in pig iron, cast iron, alloy steel, slag, ore, sinter, pellets, iron powder, iron ore.

2. Refractory Material and Cement Industry: Content analysis of refractory materials and cement samples.

3. Nonferrous Industry: The instrument can perform content analysis of Al-alloy, stainless steel, Cu-alloy, Pb-Zn mine, Cu-mine, Ag-mine, and Mo-mine.

4. Quality Inspection Department: Content analysis of elements including Pb, Cd , Cr, Hg, Br and halogen in ROSH instructions.

5. Coating Thickness Measurement: The instrument can perform accurate non-destructive measurement on thickness of all cladding layers on metallic and non-metallic materials.

1. The instrument adopts Digital Pulse Processing(DPP) Technology with high count rate, no leakage and good stability.

2. The instrument adopts X-ray tube to excite samples. It can excite all elements at a time. The ray belongs to braking radiation. Be-window is 50μm in thickness with target material Ag. It has low power and long lifespan, and has higher excitation efficiency on both light and heavy elements.

3. The instrument adopts the world’s most advanced Electrical Refrigeration Semiconductor Drift Detector(SDD) with high resolution up to 130ev.It does not require liquid-nitrogen refrigeration. It is convenient to use and can complete detection on multiple elements at a time.

4. High-Voltage Power Supply: Voltage: Continuously adjustable within 0V-50kV;Current: Continuously adjustable within 0-2mA. High-precision and non-fault operations.

5. Measurement in the vacuum environment improves excitation efficiency of light elements and measurement range.

6. 2048-Channel Multi-Channel Spectrometer performs real-time measurement and display, and does elaborate analysis of X-ray spectrum in samples. The system can automatically recognize spectrum to make it available to learn about sample composition.

7. Automatic Peak Search removes impact of peak drift and ensures long-term stability of the instrument.

8. Full-Chinese Windows Application Software is easy to operate. Professional analysis software can realize pattern recognition, automatic sorting, open-access software system so that users can build library files according to their needs.

9. The instrument absorbs series of advanced spectrum treatment method, including FFT(Fast Fourier Transform),Accurate Background Deduction Method, Derivative Automatic Peak Search and Quasi-Newton Optimization Algorithm.

10. Internationally advanced XRF analysis software absorbs multiple classical analysis methods including Empirical Coefficient Method, Fundamental Parameter(FP) Method and Theoretical α Coefficient Method to comprehensively ensure accuracy of test data.



Analysis elements

 Na-U,mainly Al, Si, P, S, K, Ca, Ti, V, Fe, Ni, Mn, Pb, Zn, Cu, Sn, Sb, Ast and so on.

Analysis range


Simultaneous analysis

Analysis of 30 elements.

Energy range


Measurement time

The content analysis of all elements to be analyzed can be completed within 1-2 minutes

Resolution of imported electrical refrigeration semiconductor detector


Tube voltage: 0-50Kv tube current

12000 μA

Analytical precision

Standard deviation0.08%.

Analytical error

Better than National Standard.

Radiation dose


Temperature requirement


Working power supply

 220±10% VAC, Frequency 50~60Hz

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