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Business Plan
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The accessories:
Our company will provide detailed technical parameters, the customers can decide to buy accessories by themselves at the local or the accessories will be sent to the customers by our company.
Please call service hotline:400-136-9009, press 2 .
1.We can simply judge the fault by the customers’ descriptions and help our customers to resolve it.
2.The engineer will go to the scene to view and repair.

Precise Instrument --- 
It started with a commitment to building precise instruments. For more than 30 years, we have devoted into development and improvement of instruments, promoted Jinyibo instruments all over the world, and applied them in every field of industrial, but we still believe in the same thing. Our mission is to improve your sense of precision in every experience you have with a Jinyibo product or service. 

Perfect Experience --- 
Jinyibo always puts customers as the No. 1 priority. We devote not just to meeting their demand, but to exceeding it. From design to production to delivery, we provide you one-stop manufacturing service which you can rely on. Furthermore, we know that being flexible is important for you, that is why we offer custom solutions specific for you, with 24/7/365 uninterrupted service and support.