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KOSGEB, Infrared Carbon & Sulfur Analyzer
2019 12 25

Case Item: KOSGEB, Infrared Carbon & Sulfur Analyzer

Products: CS8820 Carbon/Sulfur Analyzer

Case Analysis: KOSGEB is a research and development institution established in 1990 with a long history. KOSGEB's efforts for manufacturing SMEs between 1990 and 2009 were appreciated, and in 2009, KOSGEB was assigned to develop SMEs in other sectors outside the manufacturing industry. It is also a testing center and has Leco CS230, Spectro Lab, Thermo Fisher ICP in the lab. Therefore, we are honored that our company's CS8820 can serve customers in the same laboratory as these world-class instruments. This company uses our CS8820 to test the carbon and sulfur content of their customers' samples. Such as, Steel plant, foundry, smelter, etc. The data measured by our CS8820 is recognized by their customers.

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