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Khan Engineering Company Limited W5 Optical Emission Spectrometer as the ultimate iron production solution in Afghanistan
2019 12 25

Case Item: Khan Engineering Company Limited W5 Optical Emission Spectrometer as the ultimate iron production solution in Afghanistan

Products: W5 Optical Emission Spectrometer

Case Analysis: Khan Engineering Company Limited is a non-governmental, non-political licensed and authorized technical firm working under the license of Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) established in the year 1998.

It was initially established in 1998 focusing to develop Iron Industry in Afghanistan and to facilitate reconstruction and rehabilitation departments, Agencies and NGOs providing required services, boring and pilling machineries and basic needed products for their technical fields. Keeping in view the potential of new business prospects and opportunities in Iron Industries.

KECL was formed to provide standard quality products, construction materials, heavy duty machinery parts and services to the market, construction companies government and UN Agencies and US/Coalition Forces.

Raz Muhammad, the company responsible for the purchase, found us on Alibaba in August, 2018, they want to buy a Optical Emission Spectrometer for their factory, meanwhile, we knew that they had Physics, chemistry lab, the chemical laboratory is used to test analyzing Iron/steel compound, it is important that they also offer cast iron casting and malleable cast iron castings of up to 1000 Kgs / Pc for automotive, construction, export and general applications. Their main products are cable rack, cable rack hook, manhole, water pump, stove, stove door, and communication manhole. While communicating with us, Mt. Raz found a number of spectrum manufacturers. Among them are the world's top-level spectrum, as well as Chinese spectrum manufacturers. After careful comparison, he believes that our spectrum can fully meet their production needs in terms of price, especially the performance of the instrument. In mid-September, Raz came to Wuxi to conduct a factory inspection and was satisfied with our production workshop. The W5 Optical Emission Spectrometer can meet your requirements, after 20 days of production cycle, our company's sales engineer Jerry went to Kabul, Afghanistan to install. After a few days of training, guests have mastered how to operate W5 Optical Emission Spectrometer. This trip to Afghanistan was successfully completed.


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