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Myanmar Zhonglianfeng Special Steel Company Limited, TY-9000 Optical Emission Spectrometer for 20SiMn (GS-20Mn5, 1.1120, SCW480, J02505, LCC) and Q235 (A570Gr.33)
2019 12 25

Case Item: Myanmar Zhonglianfeng Special Steel Company Limited, TY-9000 Optical Emission Spectrometer for 20SiMn (GS-20Mn5, 1.1120, SCW480, J02505, LCC) and Q235 (A570Gr.33)

Products: TY-9000 Optical Emission Spectrometers( Arc/Spark-OES)

Case Analysis: As a famous steel company in Myanmar, this company mainly produces 20SiMn and Q235 rebar. This kind of rebar is widely used in the construction of civil works such as houses, bridges and roads in Myanmar, it has 100 tons per day and an annual output of about 30,000 tons. They use recycled scarp steel to smelt in an intermediate frequency induction furnace, and use our TY-9000 Optical Emission Spectrometer to detect whether the material produced is 20SiMn(GS-20Mn5, 1.1120, SCW480, J02505, LCC) and Q235(A570Gr.33) especially the most important is the content of two elements, Si and Mn. The customer’s on-site environment is extremely complex and full of various electrical and magnetic interference. Our TY-9000 Optical Emission Spectrometer is very capable of every test. At present, there are two Optical Emission Spectrometers in their factory, one is from OBLF, Germany and the other is from our company’s. we are honored that our instruments and top brands can provide accurate inspection services to customers in a laboratory. If you want to know more about our products TY-9000 Optical Emission and Spectrometer and other types Optical Emission Spectrometer. 

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