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PT. Tomoe Valve Batam use Optical Emission Spectrometer for aluminium alloy ADC12
2019 12 25

Case Item: PT. Tomoe Valve Batam use Optical Emission Spectrometer for aluminium alloy ADC12

Products:TY-9000 Optical Emission Spectrometer

Case Analysis: PT. Tomoe Valve Batam is one of the biggest valve manufacturing company in Indonesia. Mostly their products are Butterfly Valve, Actuator and Accessories. Their material is ADC12.They want to do incoming and outgoing product quality control, trace metals analysis. With our TY-9000 Optical Emission Spectrometer, we help them analysis Fe,Cu,Si,Mg,Mn,Ti,Zn and other elements on the ADC12 material to make sure if the material approved.

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