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Technical Characteristics of CCD Optical Emission Spectrometer
2020 05 26

Technical Characteristics of CCD Optical Emission Spectrometer

Its innovative optical system and extended wavelength range ensure accurate identification and trace analysis of important elements, This optical emission spectrometer has a very low detection limit and excellent long-term stability, its analytical results are accurate and reproducible. The combination of advanced CCD detector and digital readout technology, the overall design of the instrument is superior to the traditional photomultiplier technology, it has gradually become an important choice for metal manufacturing, processing and foundry industry.

 TY-9000 Optical Emission Spectrometer

1. The new optical system design is more accurate and stable in the identification and analysis of elements compared to conventional photomultiplier technology.

2. CCD solid-state detector technology, the latest in grating spectroscopy technology. Vaccum spectroscopy system with up to 2400x8 pixels due to the use of multiple line array CCDs as detectors to achieve full spectrum reception in the analyssi band.

3. It has a unique light chamber placement. For the observational characteristics of plasma spectral signals, in order to obtain the best observation angle for the best analysis data. JINYIBO places the light chamber at a specific angle of inclination, a design that has never been seen before in CCD spectra.

4. The loaded vacuum system works with the latest generation of vacuum pumps and is equipped with saftey solenoid valves for maximum safety of the vacuum system.

5. The new spark table design, the spark table adopts the sealed design, in addition to retaining the advantages of the traditional spark table, the corresponding optimization for new application requirements. Maintain the stability of the spark table structure when the instrument is continuously excited by high temperature sparks. The spark table has also improved the direction of injection of the argon gas stream through structural design changes, greatly reducing the residue of spark ignition on the spark table, while making cleaning and maintenance of the spark table much easier.

6. The design of the open sample table makes sample placement and analysis easier, and sample handling simpler than traditional spectroscopy. The sample table does not need to be sealed, and small samples such as wire can be easily analyzed with the help of an adapter for the pull-out front cover, which makes cleaning and maintenance of the excitation table easier.

7. The unique jet electrode technology (JET STREAM), in the excitation state, a jet of argon gas is formed around the electrode, which also has many advantages; the jet of argon gas around the excitation point ensures that the excitation process is not disturbed by the outside world, saving the use of argon gas and reducing the cost of use for customers.

8. Simultaneous real-time digital readout technology, compared to traditional sequential readout technology, will greatly improve both the analysis time and data stability.

9. Full digital plasma spark light technology. All spark parameters can be customized by the user interface to suit the actual requirements.

10. The circuit system is completely separated from the optical system, and the circuit system is placed in the outer part of the optical chamber of the instrument, which greatly improves the heat dissipation function of the instrument and makes the subsequent maintenance of the instrument very convenient.

11. Simple and convenient operation software, full Chinese or English menue. Operators wothout any background in optical emission spectrometer need only simple training to use the instrument. At the same time, the design of the instrument everywhere reflects the human-oriented design concept, so that the use and maintenance of the instrument everywhere reflects the humane care. 

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