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Terminology of Optical Emission Spectrometer
2020 07 06

Terminology of Optical Emission Spectrometer

CCD/CMOS: charge-coupled device, it also called CCD/CMOS image sensor, and image controller.

Smaple block: metal block, samples with authoritative institutions are called standard samples.

Roland round optical systemit depicts a series of parallel gratings with equal spacing on the surface of a concave spherical mirror. It has the ability of splitting and condensing light. The design structure of the spectrometer.

Spark: The electrode discharge transitions, the spectrum has high voltage, and emits white light. It plays an inspiring role.

Matrix effect:The matrix effect is the influence of the coexisting element on the measured element

Working principleThe sample is sparked into atomic vapor by arc or spark discharge. The atoms or ions in the vapor are sparked to produce an emission spectrum. The emission spectrum enters the spectrometer’s spectroscopic chamber through the optical fiber and is dispersed into various spectral bands. According to the emission wavelength range of each element, it measures the best spectral line of each element through the photocell.

Grating: Optical device, its role is to split.

Optical system: Processing optical signals, using gratings and other light splitting.

Control system:measure the intensity of the characteristic spectral line representing each element, and convert the light intensity signal of the spectral line into a digital electrical signal that can be recognized by the computer through various means and control the normal operation of the entire instrument.

Software processing system: to calculate the light received by the computer from each channel to obtain stable and accurate sample content.


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