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The Concept of Charge-coupled Device in CCD Direct Reading Spectrometer
2020 07 13

The Concept of Charge-coupled Device in CCD Direct Reading Spectrometer

The concept of charge-coupled device 

CCD, English full name: Charge-coupled Device. It can be called CCD image sensor. CCD is a semiconductor device that convets an optical image into a digital signal. The tiny photosensitive substance implanted in the CCD is called a Pixel. The more pixels a CCD contains, the higher the resolution of the image it provides. CCD functions like film, but it converts image pixels into digital signals. There are many neatly arranged capacitors on the CCD, which can sense light and convert the image into a digital signal. Through the control of external circuits, each capacitor can transfer the charge it carries to its adjacent capacitor.

JINYIBO introduced European technology and produced TY-9000 direct reading spectrometer.

It is the most advanced and internationally recognized second generation CCD spectrometer technology, widely used in metallurgy, foundry, machinery, automobile manufacturing, aerospace, weapons, metalworking and other fields of production process control, pre-furnace testing, central laboratory finished prodcut inspection. TY-9000 CCD direct reading spectrometer is ideal for controlling prodcut quality because of its small size, good stability, low detection limit, fast analysis speed, low operating cost and easy operation and maintenance.

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