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The Influence of Humidity on the Optical Emission Spectrometer
2020 08 03

The Influence of Humidity on the Optical Emission Spectrometer

When some customers purchase a optical emission spectrometer, the salesperson will confirm with the customer the purchase of some related accessories, such as air conditioners, thermometers, etc., before shipping and installation. In fact, these are in order to ensure the life of the instrument used the necessary measures, air conditioner in order to ensure that the temperature of the room at 10℃-30℃, relative humidity in the 20%-80%. If the humidity is too high(too humid), it will adversely affect the optical emission spectrometer, and in severe cases it will cause harm and cause the instrument not to work properly.

1. The influence of humidity on the performance of optical emission spectrometer: optical emission spectrometer as mechanical, electronic, optical, vacuum, electronic and other comprehensive integration of large precision instruments, its structure is cumbersome, high technical requirements, complex electronic circuit, manfuactures and users require optical emission spectrometer must be operated and placed in dry conditions.

2. Effects of humidity on mechanical components and metal materials: the main structure of optical emission spectrometer is made of metal, the material of which is mainly steel, electrical circuits and electronic components also contain large amounts of conductive and magnetically conductive metals. Metal corrosion and rusting of these metals in an environment of excessive humidity, when the relative humidity reaches a certain value, the corrosion of the metal will be rapidly accelerated, iron and steel metals due to metal corrosion(such as rust) changes in properties, copper, aluminum and silicon metal corrosion due to the loss of its own due to the performance.

3. Effects of humidity on electrical circuits and electronic components. The electrical system and electronic circuit of the direct reading spectrometer is quite complicated and tedious, and the effect of humidity on these parts and components will lead to poor contact of circuit board connectors, degradation of electronic component parameters, unstable performance of the electrical circuit, and drift of test analysis data.

4. Effects of humidity on optical and other components

When the air temperature is 25-30℃ and the relative humidity is 75-95%, it is a good climatic condition for mold to breed. Humid, non-convective air will rapidly accelerate mold growth. The mold stains produced by mold adhere to the surface of optical components and other components,which will seriously affect the optical performance of optical components, such as transmittance, reflectivity and refraction. Mildew attached to the conductive metal and electrical contact material surface will increase the contact resistance, resulting in high-voltage circuit board creepage phenomenon, thereby reducing the accuracy of the instrument or cause instrument failure, or even burned instrument. 

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