P9800 Energy Dispersion X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer
A Full Range of Laboratory with exceptional new levels of performance
· Fast and non-destructive compliance screening
· Outstanding sensitivity and detection limits
· Remarkable precision and accuracy
· Measure lower than ever
· Master the unknown regardless if they are liquid, solid or powder
· Whether tree leaves, plastics, oil, granite or glass…
· Elemental range:Na-U
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  • P9800 Energy Dispersion X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer is the most advanced all-element analytical instrument.XRF Analyzer specialized for powder sample detection adopts upper-irradiation instrumental structure, with X-ray tube excitation, detection by electrical refrigeration semiconductor detector, full spectrum analysis by 2048-channel digital spectrometer. The device with different measurement modes for light and heavy elements can accurately measure all the elements within Na-U and finish measurement of more than 30 elements at the same time. It is one of the important analytical tools in modern analytical chemistry.

  • The amazing P9800 Energy Dispersion X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer excels at critical tasks from rapid screening analysis to precise product quality control. Apply it for processing in a variety of industries, for geology and mining, for environmental and waste monitoring, and for research and academia. The P9800 software tool provides an unprecedented ability to analyze unknown samples, regardless if they are liquid, solid or powder – whether tree leaves, plastics, oil, granite or glass…

    Mining and minerals applications

    Direct quantification of rocks, ores and drill cores

    Fast positive material identification: Pig iron, Slag, Sinter, Agglomerate, Pellets, Iron powder, Iron ore, etc.

    Quantify a wide variety of minerals like Limestone, Magnesite, Bauxite, Gypsum, Fertilizer (potash, phosphates), REE, Kaolin (china clay), Clay, Pigments, Heavy mineral sands, Silica sand

    Ceramics, refractories and abrasives

    Non-ferrous (Cu, Ni, Zn, Pb) ore processing

    Precious metals mining (Au, Ag, Platinum Group Metals)


    Building materials applications

    Cement Industry: Raw materials, clinker, cement, etc.

    On-site process and quality control of cement, clinker and raw materials

    Screening of a wide variety of alternative fuels and raw materials (AFR)


    Environmental applications

    In-field identification of contaminated soils

    Analysis of inorganic compounds on air filters at location of the sampler

    Quick analysis of waste water

    Geological Industry: Geological prospecting, rock ore powder samples determination


    Samples can be measured as:


    Pressed powders

    Loose powders


    Fused beads




    Films and coatings

  • 1.Specialized upper-irradiation optical path structure, patented sample automatic lifting measurement platform and spin system measure powder samples. It has advantages including no pollution to detectors, easy maintenance and good repeatability;

    2.The instrument adopts Full Digital Spectrum Analysis Technology with high count rate, no leakage and good stability;

    3.The excitation of samples by optical tubes has no radiation source, no poison and no pollution. Multiple safety protection design makes the entire machine radiation of the instrument completely meet China National Standard of Radiation Protection (providing documents of exception management issued by the provincial and above departments of environmental protection) with high user satisfaction, safety and reliability;

    4.The system adopts the most advanced electrical refrigeration Silicon Drift Fast-SDD Semiconductor Detector to detect more elements and obtain higher resolution;

    5.The system adopts high vacuum degree sample measurement device to eliminate air resistance against low-energy X-ray and satisfy the accurate analysis of light elements;

    6.Sample Type: powder, bulk;

    7.Inner Chamber Environment: air or vacuum;

    8.The software adopts automatic peak search and S standard sample measurement to ensure short-term and long-term stability;

    9.The system automatically switches between filter and collimator according to different types of samples to ensure measurement precision of different types of samples;

    10.Open-access working curve calibration platform can customize material detection and analysis and control plan according to specific needs;

    11.The system automatically sets the formats of the reports (Excel, PDF,etc.) to satisfy multiple requirements of statistics and format;

    12.Humanized design and integrated structure can be adaptive to different environment and 24-hour continuous work with low fault rate;

    13.Professional analysis software can realize pattern recognition, automatic classification. Open-access software operation platform is convenient for users to add sample types according to their needs without limits of software, and absorbs series of advanced spectrum processing method, including Fast Fourier Transform(FFT), precise background removal method, Derivative Automatic Peak Search and Quasi-Newton Optimization Algorithm, etc.;

    14.2048-channel multi-channel spectrometer displays the real-time measurement results and does the precise and detailed analysis of the sample X-spectrum. Then the system can automatically recognize spectra to make it convenient to learn about sample contents.

    15.The software can realize fast, non-destructive and accurate analysis of more than 30 elements at a time;

    16.Data management is set with user passwords to strengthen seriousness of measuring data and reliability of quality management.


  • Item


    Range of analyzed elements


    Analytical range of element content


    Measuring object status

     Power Press Tablets

    Detector energy resolution

     Better than 127eV

    Digital multi-Channel analyzer

    2048 channels

    Energy range


    Tubular voltage


    Tubular current


    Programmable gain control, adjustable within 1-65535; Offset

    Adjustable within 0-4095

    Lowest detection limit

    Na≤0.1%; Mg, Al, Si≤0.01%; P, S, Cl, K, Ca, Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe≤0.001%; Pb, Zn, Cu, Mo, Cd, Ag,etc. ≤0.0001%

    Analytical precision

    RSD Standard Deviation≤0.1% (statistics on data of a certain sample by 12 continuous analysis focused on main elements)

    Instrumental analytical error

    a.|Instrumental Analytical Value - Real Value|≤National First-Class Standard Analytical Error, with passing rate 90%

    b.|Instrumental Analytical Value - Chemical Value|≤twice National First-Class Standard Analytical Error, with passing rate 95%

    Simultaneous analysis of element types

    The software can satisfy simultaneous analysis of more than 30 elements

    Spin system voltage




    Rotational speed


    Vacuum pump rated power


    Instrumental rated power


    Detection time

    10s~300s (commonly used)

    Vacuum degree within 10s

    10-2Pa  (10-1-10-5Pa for high vacuum region)

    Environmental temperature


    Environmental humidity