TY-9900 Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometer (ICP-AES)
Unbeatable Sensitivity and Extreme Precision for All elements
· Simultaneous ICP-OES for elemental analysis of liquids
· Wavelength range:195-800nm
· For 70 trace elements and macroelements
· Analyze up to 600 samples per day
· Low operating costs
· Intuitive operation
· Ultra-low limits of detection
· Ultra-high speed of measurement
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  • TY-9900 Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer (ICP-OES) is developed based on both the tradition of inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy technique and the absorption of the latest technological achievements of international research. The series are high-precision, high sensitivity and high stability. The instrument consists of a scanning beam splitter, the RF generator, sample introduction systems, photovoltaic conversion, control systems, data processing systems, analysis and operating software. 

  • TY-9900 Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer (ICP-OES) can be applied in sample analysis of machinery, steel, geology, metallurgy, rare earth and magnetic materials, environment, medicine and health, biological, marine, petroleum, chemical new materials, nuclear industry, agriculture, food commodity inspection, water quality and other fields and disciplines. It can quickly and accurately detect about 70 kinds of elements from microelements to macroelements.

  • 1.High-stability RF output, with stable light source and low detection limit that can reach the level of PPb (one billionth) at minimum.

    2. The working curve has wide linear range that reach 5-6 orders of magnitudes.

    3. Multiple elements are analyzed at the same time with fast analytical speed and wide range of applications. It can almost analyze all metallic and part of non-metallic elements in periodic table of elements.

    4. Excellent optical system, advanced control system makes sure of the signal-background ratio accurate.

    5. Imported key components: to ensure the accuracy and sensitively of the instrument.

    6. Minimal matrix effect 99% of the sample without matrix separation.

    7. Wide measuring range: ultra volume to the constant analysis.

    8. Excellent precision: relative standard deviation RSD≤1.5%

    9. Stability: the relative standard deviation RSD≤2.0%

    10.Rapid analysis: sequential scan elements per minute, the fastest in more than 15.

    11.Analysis of many elements: 70 metal elements can be analyzed and also some non-metallic elements.

    12.Low detection limit: ug/L level

    13.Do qualitative and quantitative analysis:

    14.Convenience of analysis software: Window XP platform based on the third generation of China or English operating software to make it easier to use easily, the data processing system provides a variety of functions, the output data can be print.

    15.TY-9900 ICP Spectrometer uses analysis software with convenient operations and powerful functions. It can also realize functions including measurement, data processing, correction and data output.

  • Item


    Analytical speed

    10 elements every minute


    Relative standard deviation RSD≤2%


    Relative standard deviation RSD≤3%(measured within one hour)

    Measuring linear range

    (Relative coefficient)≥0.9995%

    Low detection limit

    As listed below for representative elements