Development & Innovation

Development & Innovation


At Jinyibo, research and development is a creation process, is the means by which we identify, create and perfect the technologies and solutions that help our customers be successful. This could include broader application field, better performance, improved precision, less deviation, simpler operation and even more reliability.


For now, Jinyibo own three Research & Development centers

1. Wuxi Jinyibo Instrument Technology Co.,Ltd R&D Center

2. Wuxi Optical Emission Spectrometer R&D Center

3. Jiangnan University Science and Technology R&D Center

Also we work with many R&D center to establish cooperated R&D centers

1. University of Science and Technology of China(USTC) cooperated R&D center

2. Fudan University cooperated R&D center

3. Shanghai Research Institute of Materials(SRIM) cooperated R&D center



R&D products include carbon & sulfur analyze, optical emission spectrometer, XRF Spectrometer, ICP….. Widely used for applications in elemental analysis, trace element analysis for science and industry like Metallurgy, Machine, Casting, Aerospace, Petrochemical, Soil, Ore, Precious metal, Coating thickness, Rare earth and so on.



In 2002, we launched the high-precision CS-8800 series carbon and sulfur analyzer for the market, its analytical precision can be on a par with the USA Leco, Germany ELTRA, Japanese HORIBA. They are used to measure mass fraction of carbon and sulfur in steel, alloy, casting core sand, cement, ore, coke, catalyst, magnetic materials, ceramics, inorganic matter, graphite, plants and other materials.


In 2007, the first-generation optical emission spectrometer officially offline, it represents that China has independently mastered spectroscopy.

In succession we launched the second-generation CCD optical emission spectrometer TY-9000, occupied the spectrometer market rapidly.

And then launched the third generation CCD optical emission spectrometer W6 pushing upwards to the high-end market, W2 had a place in nonferrous metal analytical market.

In 2017, our fourth generation CCD optical emission spectrometer W5 aim at mid and high-end spectrometer market.

OES mainly used in metal material analysis, incoming and outgoing product process/quality control, grade ID for material, Research & Development.


In 2009, we jointly developed TY-9800 series X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, mainly used in positive material identification (PMI), RoHS testing, coating thickness, precious metal identification, the ore rock slag, detection of rare earth and trace metal analysis.


In 2011, we jointly developed TY-9900 series inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometer (ICP-AES),Mainly  for the rapid analysis of 70 elements in a variety of matrices including aqueous, semi-conductor, petrochemical, soil, metallurgical and slurries.


For now, our spectrometer products capture about 30% of the market, totally over 6500 sets instrument come in to use globally. Customers include Shell Group of Companies, Hyundai Group, South Korea POSCO, DAEWOO, Shagang Group, SANY, BYD, SINOPEC, GREE, Chinalco, WEIFU, Xiamen Tungsten, Nissan

Customers coverage United States, South Korea, Malaysia, Turkey, Brazil, Chile, India, Iran, Vietnam, Ghana, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc.

Every day, more than 2.56 enterprises select Jinyibo Instrument all over the word. We are seeking professional partners or distributors to service our end user and share the analytical instrument market.

We focus on innovation of advanced products and manufactured them to be very high quality. Precise Instruments, Perfect Experience are always our top priority.

We will spare no effort to deliver the best analytical instruments to meet your demands.

To be the preferred supplier of analytical instruments globally.

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