• 1983  Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) 9759 Factory

• 2002  Cooperated with Taiwanese to establish Wuxi Jinbo Electronics Co., Ltd.

• 2004  Purchase Wuxi Ronghua Electronic Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd

• 2007  The 1st generation optical emission spectrometer officially offline.

• 2008  Establish Wuxi Jinyibo Instrument Technology Co., Ltd

• 2010  Establish Wuxi Jinyibo Detection Technology Co.,Ltd

• 2014  The 2nd generation TY9000 optical emission spectrometer born

• 2015  Purchase Wuxi Qianrong Instrument focus on Carbon Sulfur Analyzer

• 2016  The 3rd generation W6 optical emission spectrometer born

• 2016  Establish Jiangsu Wanboseng (WBS) focus on nuclear magnetic resonance(NMR)

• 2017  The 4th generation W5 optical emission spectrometer born(CMOS)

• 2018  M2,M4 optical emission spectrometer born

• 2018  Expert-1 handheld LIBS analyzer launch on the market

• 2019  Start to devote on the biomolecular diagnostic instruments

• 2021  The portable optical emission spectrometer E series OES come out

• 2022  Jinyibo Group founded and invest on biomedical industry

• Nowadays, Continuous Innovation, Remain Committed to Manufacture High Performance Analytical Instruments

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