Jan 18 , 2022


Jinyibo provides a comprehensive portfolio of advanced analytical instruments for foundries


Production processes in steel and non-ferrous foundries are frequently controlled and monitored with stationary metal analyzers. The W5 OES metal analyzer as well as the W6 OES metal analyzer can be employed depending on the specialization, the number of casting processes and the semi-finished and finished products being produced. The W4 OES metal analyzer is generally used by small companies with low budget.


The CS8820S Carbon Sulfur Analyzer used to analysis the C and S in the foundry parts, these two elements are playing very important role in the metal. Some special foundry like brass, pure copper, titanium alloy also needs ONH-2018 Oxygen Nitrogen Hydrogen Analyzer to determine Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen.


Trace analysis of industrial waste water and liquids from production processes, e.g., of electrolyte and coating baths, is a typical application for the ICP spectrometers, such as the TY-9900 ICP-AES with detection limits in ppb/ppm ranges making them excellently suited to this task. But even for the analysis of the main components, ICP achieves highest precision using the “nesting procedure.” The technology can be easily automated, making a high sample throughput and even unattended operation realizable.


Applicable Products:



W5 Optical Emission Spectrometer

CS8820S Carbon Sulfur Analyzer



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