• Foundry
      Jinyibo provides a comprehensive portfolio of advanced analytical instruments for foundries   Production processes in steel and non-ferrous foundries are frequently controlled and monitored with stationary metal analyzers. The W5 OES metal analyzer as well as the W6 OES metal analyzer can be employed depending on the specialization, the number of casting processes and the semi-finished...
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  • Metal
      In metal analyzer instruments, Jinyibo offers a full range of solutions for the entire metals industry   Jinyibo metal analyzer instruments carry out a wide diversity of analytical tasks for metals analysis.   Jinyibo metal analyzers are used to identify, sort, and analyze metals for incoming inspections, during production processes and before delivery. And that’s not all: J...
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  • Machine
      For the machine industry, Jinyibo offers a complete range of XRF, Stationary Arc/Spark Analyzers, Handheld LIBS Analyzer.   The machine industry expects seamless documentation of the parts and components used. From the first melt to the installed sheet metal, screw, etc., the individual production steps must be traceable. The W6 and W5 stationary metal analyzers can be found at all rel...
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  • Mining
      In the world of mining and soil, Jinyibo's advanced analyzers are required   Elemental analysis is one of the most important investigative tools in exploration and during the mining extraction process. X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) spectrometry provides a convenient, rapid method of analysis for rocks, exploration samples, minerals, ores, concentrates and tailings, usually with far less s...
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  • Transportation
      High performance spectrometers for the exacting requirements of the transportation industry   The powerful spectrometers from Jinyibo are ideal for the determination of the elemental contents of many different materials and components for the enormous demands in the transport industry.   The stationary metal analyzers ensure that the correct grades are used and that there is no ma...
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  • Chemical
      ICP-AES and X-ray fluorescence instruments for the elemental analysis of materials and chemicals   ICP-AES and XRF spectrometers from Jinyibo are as versatile as the industrial infrastructure and the analytical applications of the entire chemical industry.   During production, they are used to determine the elemental composition of raw materials and additives, for the monitoring a...
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  • Electric Power
    Electric Power
      Jinyibo’s ICP-AES and XRF analyzers are the right choice for the analysis of electric power   During the production of batteries, pure cooper, both the exact elemental composition and examination for contamination of the materials used is extremely important, because they decidedly influence the performance and lifetime of the battery. It is necessary to analyze trace elements in...
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  • Services
      For services applications, Jinyibo offers a broad range of advanced analyzers   Chemical and physical elemental analyses are frequently outsourced to external service providers. These companies must be able to rely on the fact that their samples have been professionally analyzed, neutrally tested and completely independently verified. The contract laboratories require cutting-edge and ...
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  • Cement
      Jinyibo supply multi-element analysis of raw meal, clinker, cement   Cement production enterprises have extremely strict product quality control. Raw meal batching and clinker calcination are the two-core links in the entire production process. Generally speaking, in the new dry process cement production technology, in order to ensure the stability of the calcination process and improv...
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