Jan 24 , 2022


High performance spectrometers for the exacting requirements of the transportation industry


The powerful spectrometers from Jinyibo are ideal for the determination of the elemental contents of many different materials and components for the enormous demands in the transport industry.


The stationary metal analyzers ensure that the correct grades are used and that there is no material mix-up. They are also indispensable in research for the development of new metal materials and the analysis of material defects. Whereas the portable analyzer and handheld LIBS metal analyzer are designed especially for location-independent operation, the stationary instruments, W6 OES and W5 OES are suitable for the highest of analytical requirements.


TY-9800 XRF spectrometer is used for tasks such as the detection and identification of inclusions in metals or for the analysis of plastics, fabrics or coatings. The TY9800 EDXRF is also as a standard analytical method for the analysis of fuels, lubricants, wear metals in used oil or other liquid operating materials.


Applicable Products:

W6 Optical Emission Spectrometer LIBS Analyzer TY9800 XRF Spectrometer
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