Feb 19 , 2022


Jinyibo supply multi-element analysis of raw meal, clinker, cement


Cement production enterprises have extremely strict product quality control. Raw meal batching and clinker calcination are the two-core links in the entire production process. Generally speaking, in the new dry process cement production technology, in order to ensure the stability of the calcination process and improve the clinker output and quality of the kiln, the requirements for the uniformity (stability) of the raw meal and the control requirements for the content of each element are far more than other kilns. The model is much stricter; a lot of practical experience has also proved that only in this way can the advanced nature of the new dry process cement production technology be fully exerted and reflected.


In order to meet the requirements of the new dry process cement production process conditions, it is necessary to timely and accurately analyze and control the chemical composition of the raw fuel in the production process. The traditional chemical analysis methods can no longer meet the needs of the production process; in order to achieve good quality control index needs to be configured with an X-ray fluorescence analyzer. Due to the limitation of the analysis speed of chemical analysis methods, in fact, the use of chemical analysis methods has only the meaning of post-event monitoring for the production process, but not the meaning of control. Often when we find a problem in a control link, it has already caused serious problems as a result, it brought great losses to the factory.


Applicable Products:

P9800S XRF Spectrometer TY9900 ICP-AES CS8800S Carbon Sulfur Analyzer


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