Jan 24 , 2022


In the world of mining and soil, Jinyibo's advanced analyzers are required


Elemental analysis is one of the most important investigative tools in exploration and during the mining extraction process. X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) spectrometry provides a convenient, rapid method of analysis for rocks, exploration samples, minerals, ores, concentrates and tailings, usually with far less sample preparation than that required for other techniques.


When facing large numbers of samples, requirements for short analysis times and low detection limits, especially for the light elements, TY-9900 ICP-AES provide the necessary performance. Both techniques are easily automated, enable detection limits in sub-ppm and ppb range and analyze a sample in less than 10 minutes.


When we say ore trade, the grade of the ore determines the price, so the accuracy grades will help seller or buyer each other on fair trade. Our up-illuminated X-ray fluorescence spectrometer solves the matrix effect and particle size effect very well, and does not contaminate the XRF probe in the case of vacuuming, which provides an effective guarantee for the service life of XRF.


Applicable Products:

P9800 XRF Spectrometer TY9900 ICP-AES CS8800S Carbon Sulfur Analyzer
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