JINYIBO as a representative of the brand, is the symbol of products and services as well as the image of the endorsement. JINYIBO is different with other competitors that we establish proprietary properties of JINYIBO products and services: Precise Instruments, Perfect Experience.


In times of peace and development 1960s, our country has cultivated sophisticated dual-use talents and established entity mechanism as the center of detection technology to develop military equipment. Our CEO Dr. Ye Fanxiu, he serves as a technical director and a chief engineer at Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) 9759 Factory, as high-speed analysis of the industry leader, at the beginning of 1983, he has taken part in and developed infrared carbon sulfur analyzer meanwhile he also has developed PMT direct reading spectrometer, ICP-AES plasma spectrometer, oxygen nitrogen hydrogen analyzer and other elemental analyzer. At the beginning of 2000, we start to develop CCD optical emission spectrometer, in following 10-15 years we have TY series OES use CCD or PMT detector, M series OES in CMOS detector, W series OES in CMOS detector. Now at 2021, our portable OES, E series OES come out, since then we as the comprehensive spectrometer manufacturer of desktop OES and portable OES. At 2018, our Expert-1 handheld LIBS analyzer under the technology of laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) launch on the market, our technology development is always so solid.


Nowadays, JINYIBO leading the trend and creating the culture of detection industry. Our company philosophy is that to make instruments as per standards, to ensure precision through science and technology, to satisfy clients with our service, to gain users from our responsibility.


In the future, there will be more on JINYIBO brand instruments applied to various fields all over the world to analysis material; JINYIBO will have a wider range of service teams and sales network around the world to solve the customer's material analysis requirements. All JINYIBO people are devoted of hard work, positive innovation to build a better JINYIBO.


We take customers and suppliers as important members of the team. We will stay true to the mission: Profession, Responsibility.And devote them to the service we offer anytime. Everything we do is to protect JINYIBO brand.

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