Electric Power

Feb 19 , 2022


Jinyibo’s ICP-AES and XRF analyzers are the right choice for the analysis of electric power


During the production of batteries, pure cooper, both the exact elemental composition and examination for contamination of the materials used is extremely important, because they decidedly influence the performance and lifetime of the battery. It is necessary to analyze trace elements in graphite, the anode material, main and minor components and traces in the cathode material, consisting of lithium metal oxides, as well as lithium salts, which are used as source materials but also as electrolytes. With the Jinyibo’s ICP-AES spectrometer and the TY-9800, X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, SPECTRO offers the right analytical instruments for this application. With high detection sensitivity and precision but also analytical speed and user-friendliness, they are ideally suited to use in the battery industry.


For the battery raw materials, our CS8820S carbon sulfur analyzer and P9800 EDXRF have excellent performance on it.


Applicable Products:

TY9900 ICP-AES CS8820S Carbon Sulfur Analyzer TY9800 XRF Spectrometer
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