Feb 19 , 2022


Jinyibo offers a full range of X-Ray Fluorescence, ICP-AES, and CS Analyzer optimized for geological applications


Elemental analysis is one of the most important investigative tools in geology and environmental studies. Geological samples often contain a wide range of elements at vastly differing concentrations.


The Jinyibo instrument catalog includes a full range of Carbon Sulfur Analyzer, X-ray fluorescence, ICP-AES with characteristics optimized for geological fieldwork. Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (ED-XRF) spectrometers like TY-9800, P9800 provide a convenient, rapid method of analysis for rocks, exploration samples, minerals, ores, concentrates and tailings, usually with far less sample preparation than that required for other techniques. The small portable spectrometer that can deliver fast, dependable, true lab-quality results anywhere in the field.


ICP-AES spectrometers like the TY-9900 have been used for a long time in geological applications. With a large number of samples, requirements for short analysis times, low detection limits, especially for the light elements, ICP-AES provides the looked-for performance. Both techniques are easy to automate, enable detection limits in sub-ppm and ppb ranges and analyze a sample in less than 10 minutes.


Applicable Products:

CS8820S Carbon Sulfur Analyzer TY9800 XRF Spectrometer TY9900 ICP-AES
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