Introduction of installation standards for direct reading spectrometers

Jan 18 , 2022

Introduction of installation standards for direct reading spectrometers

The direct reading spectrometer has some strict requirements in its installation process. The operator must master the corresponding installation expertise, otherwise it will cause a corresponding degree of bad influence on the later use. The following direct-reading spectrometer manufacturers will talk about the key points of the installation of direct-reading spectrometers.

Direct Reading Spectrometer

       Environmental requirements:

       1. The spectrometer should be placed in a special operating space, and there should be no hazardous, flammable and corrosive gas around it, and it should not be placed together with chemical analysis.

       2. Ensure that the space is at least ten square meters.

       3. Operating temperature: (10 ~ 30) ℃, because the operation of the equipment requires temperature control conditions, the fluctuation of indoor temperature should be as small as possible, and air conditioners should be installed in the house.

       4. Storage temperature: (0~46)℃.

       5. Ambient air humidity: (20-80)%, for wet and cold areas, a dehumidifier should be configured.

       Placement regulations:

       1. The spectrometer should be placed in a level and stable position without vibration.

       2. A moderate distance should be left between the reverse side of the spectrometer and the wall to facilitate installation and maintenance.

       Power Requirements:

       (220±20)VAC, 60Hz, defensively grounded single-phase power supply. The PE grounding of the power supply must be reliable to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and prevent the body from electric shock. If the PE cannot be reliably grounded, please provide a dedicated ground wire for the device.

       In order to ensure the normal application of the equipment, please configure one (1~2) KVA (depending on the load capacity) single-phase 220V AC parameter voltage stabilizer for the equipment.

       Argon requirements:

       1. The purity of argon gas is ≥99, 999%;

       2. The pressure at the argon inlet: 0, 5MPa;

       Standard test sample: Prepare standard test sample or internal control sample suitable for your own product category.

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