Precision casting,Forging,Casting What is the difference

Apr 29 , 2022

Precision casting, forging, casting What is the difference


Casting-a method of casting liquid metal into a mold cavity that has a shape suitable for the part and cooling and solidifying it to obtain a part or blank.  Including sand casting, special casting, etc.  Precision casting-precision casting, belongs to special casting.  Parts obtained by this method generally do not require machining.  Such as investment casting, pressure casting, etc.  Upset casting—Die casting is the abbreviation of pressure casting. It is a method to obtain a casting by filling liquid or semi-liquid metal at a relatively high speed under high pressure and solidifying it under pressure.  Forging-is a processing method that applies external force to the blank to cause plastic deformation in the solid state, change its size, shape, and improve performance to manufacture mechanical parts, workpieces or blanks.

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