Handheld spectrometer-application in scrap steel and scrap metal recycling industry

Apr 14 , 2022

Handheld spectrometer-application in scrap steel and scrap metal recycling industry


What is the use of a handheld XRF Spectrometer? Today's metal prices are rising, especially for several types of metals represented by nickel (Ni). If you want to gain benefits in the scrap metal recycling industry, accurate identification of alloy components plays a vital role.  Hand XRF Spectrometers can quickly and accurately identify the composition of nickel, even at levels below 1%.  The handheld XRF Spectrometer can be loaded with both metal analysis and plastic analysis programs to meet the needs of the growing waste recycling industry.  In addition, the analysis of precious metals can also be achieved with this instrument.


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In the scrap recycling industry, such hand XRF Spectrometers have been widely used, bringing great benefits and value to metal recyclers.  For example, for stainless steel inspection, the stainless steel grade will be displayed immediately within a few seconds.  The hand-held spectrometer is convenient to carry, simple to use, fast in analysis speed, and high in accuracy. The results directly display the alloy grade and the percentage content of metal components, and ensure fast and accurate analysis and detection of a large number of complex and diverse alloy types and material qualities.  Make quick and reliable judgments and provide necessary information for the purchase and sale parties in the transaction of raw materials.  In the metal manufacturing industry, quality assurance and quality control (QA / QC) of materials, semi-finished products, and finished products are essential. Mixing or using unqualified materials will bring losses to the enterprise.  Hand XRF Spectrometers are widely used in a variety of manufacturing industries, from small metal processing plants to large aircraft manufacturers.  It has become the preferred instrument for material confirmation, semi-finished product inspection and finished product re-inspection in the quality system.

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