Solve the 80% Error of the Optical Emission Spectrometer

Feb 28 , 2022

Solve the 80% Error of the Optical Emission Spectrometer

Solve the 80% error of the optical emission spectrometer, please pay attention to 3 points.

Point 1: argon, prepare the correct argon for the spectrum analyzer

Oxygen and water vapor will absorb the spectrum in the far ultraviolet region, its analysis results will be unstable. Argon gas has an effect on the air in the spak chamber. It contributes to creating a vacuum environment and reduces the absorption of special element lines by the air. In addition, the pressure and flow of argon also determine the firing ability.

Just like “friend dishes”, it is necessary to control the size of the heat, the heat is too large, the post loss is large, the heat is too small, the time becomes longer, and some special problems occur.

At this time, the impact capability of argon on the discharge surface determined these factors, when the spark ability is low, the oxide condenses on the surface of the sample, which affects the continued excitation of the sample.

Point 2: Temperature, don't let your Optical Emission Spectrometer heat stroke.

Optical Emission Spectrometers are delicate precision instruments. The indoor temperature actually affects many instruments because the machine itself generate heat. It is not just the OES Analyzer that gets hot, it is also hot behind the TV.



Fever is a normal phenomenon of the machine, not to mention that the sparks excited are high energy, so it is impossible to install the air conditioner in such weather. It is necessary to maintain the indoor temperature at 24 digress(plus or minus 2 degrees) to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

This is why the air conditioner is installed. The temperature will rise with time after the instrument is turned on. And the inside of the instrument is a sealed space, and the vacuum environment is not ventilated.

Point 3: Sample

The surface of the sample must be flat, use a vertical grinder to grind it flat, but do not grinder it like a mirror, which is an obstacle to the measurement. And the sample should be representative, without cracks and other problems, otherwise it will cause inaccurate analysis results.


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