Physical & Chemical

Physical and chemical NDT(nondestructive testing) training base

It specialized in training physical and chemical NDT people, also Jiangsu mechanical engineer society, Wuxi mechanical engineer society, Changzhou mechanical engineer society are designed training bases. The base relies on technical force of  Shanghai Research Institute of Materials and Jiangsu Machinery Design Institute, there are the instruments and equipment, classrooms and teaching experience besides our professional training institutes have fixed teachers and fixed sites and sufficient instruments and equipment.

  The bases’ major missions according to the plan of physical and chemical society including the training work of chemical analysis, mechanical property, metallographic examination, spectrometer analysis and so on, in the test about physical and chemical detection of qualified personnel training, according to target of normalization, professionalization, standardization to work, and it ensures detection people’s training work of quality and efficiency, and physical and chemical detection people’s technical quality. The base according to 《Physical and Chemical Personnel Technical Qualification Training Material》to undertake training.

At present, there are 16 people including 6 senior engineers, 7 engineers at the base. And there are more than 70 small and big instruments such as direct reading spectrometer, ICP spectrometer, ASS spectrometer, infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer, spectrophotometer, metalloscope, hardness gauge, impact testing machine, universal material testing machine, x ray flaw detector, reflectoscope, magnetic defect detector and their detectability can cover to most nonferrous material projects of test such as iron and steel material, copper, aluminum and so on

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