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Business Plan

WUXI JINYIBO DETECTION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is an independent accounting, self-financing private enterprise and has awarded an independent the third-party detection mechanism. Also it’s national certificated 3rd party testing center.


Great encouraged by the government departments at all level, with support of parent company namely WUXI JINYIBO INSTRUMENT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD at its back, with the help of Shanghai Research Institute of Materials and Jiangsu Machinery Design Institute, since its establishment in 2010, our company has launched detection activities to market complete independently, and gradually formed on the basis of “developing detection technology, improving detection level”, meanwhile it is characterized by detection technology service and takes materials detection as the main body’s science and technology service-oriented enterprises.


At present, there are 16 people at service platform including 12 full-time staff, 4 hire staff and among them are 2 postgraduate and B.Litt, 4 engineers, assistant engineers(contain 3 assistant accountants), 3 the secondary mechanics, 1 technicist, among of 8 people is college degree or above.


There are general affairs offices, administrative or technical offices of chemical analysis, mechanical property, metallographic examination, nondestructive testing. Meanwhile, there are more than 70 small and big instruments such as direct reading spectrometer, ICP spectrometer, ASS spectrometer, infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer, spectrophotometer, metalloscope, hardness gauge, impact testing machine, universal material testing machine, x ray flaw detector, reflectoscope, magnetic defect detector and so on and their detectability can cover to most nonferrous material projects of test such as iron and steel material, copper, aluminum and so on. Meanwhile, our company also develops special detections of imported metal material brand, failure analysis, intergranular corrosion, salt spray test and so on. Besides, our detection company has abilities of cooperating with industrial and mining colleges to research material and technology.