M2 Optical Emission Spectrometer
Compact, Rugged and Flexible Metals Analyzer
· Portable metal analyzer
· CMOS based
· Extremely competitive price
· Smaller, lightweight, exquisite, reliable instrument
· Vacuum-free optics for fast stabilization
· Easy to operate, low maintenance costs
· Flexible to a variety of bases and matrices
· Available for routine analysis of small sample
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  • The M series optical emission spectrometer adopt international standard design and manufacturing process technology, full digital combines with internet technology, and using high resolution CMOS detector, the precisely designed argon purge system to guarantee instruments with higher performance, lower cost and extremely competitive price.

    M2 Spectrometer is most suitable instrument for the determination of various elements in Aluminum matrices. In 1000-7000 series Aluminum production or Al-Si, Al-Si-Mg, Al-Si-Cu, Al-Mg series, a fully or even partially automated analysis results in a cost reduction. This also gives the user a truly portable spectrometer that’s both easy to use and easy to space saved.

    • Die-casting, forging, workshops: Rapid analysis; test several 100s of samples daily

    • Alloy manufacturers: Most of Al bases / matrices; highly stable and precise

    • Medium-sized industries: Extremely rugged and economical; low cost / analysis

    • Manufacturing Facilities

    • Warehouse material identification

    • Base: Al

    • Extremely competitive price

    • Smaller, lightweight, exquisite, reliable instrument.

    • Energy saving, standby power 50VA,

    • Light chamber filled with argon in place of complex vacuum system, No vacuum pump

    • High resolution COMS detector can achieve full spectrum analysis.

    • Full wavelength coverage, customized factory calibration, adding new element without further hardware configuration.

    • Wavelength range 165nm~580mn, spectral lines can cover all important elements Compact, rugged and flexible to Al base and matrices

    • The smaller designed optical chamber structure and the optimized design of argon purge system can ensure transmission rate of elemental lines in UV area.

    • Spectrometer temperature control ensuring high precision and stability

    • Programmable digitalized spark source, generating optimized discharge waveform for Al base.

    • Professional data capture, improved accuracy by reducing background interference

    • Global factory calibration with interference correction

  • ItemIndex
    Optical System
    Focal Length150mm
    Wavelength range165nm-580nm
    DetectorHigh resolution CMOS Multi detectors
    Light chamberArgon filling
    Pixel resolution30pm
    Grating line3600m1/mm
    First order spectral line dispersion rare1.2nm/mm
    Average resolution ratio10pm/pixel
    Full spectrum
    Light room temperature is controlled automatically
    Spark SourceTypeDigital arc and spark source
    Spark frequency100-1000HZ
    Discharge current1-400A
    Ignition voltage>15000V
    Excitation lightOptimization of discharge parameters design
    High energy precombustion technology HEPS
    ProcessorHigh-speed data synchronization acquisition and processing
    Spark StandElectrodeTungsten electrode technology
    Make upThermal deformation self-compensation design
    Argon flushed with minimal consumption of Argon
    Spray discharge electrode technology
    Adjustable electrode technology
    OthersMeasurable elementsFe、Al、Cu、Ni、Ti、Co、Zn、Sn、Mg、Pb  etc
    weightAbout 30kg
    Storage temperature0℃-45℃
    Operating temperature5℃-40℃, 23±2℃ is recommended
    Power consumptionExcitation:400W/Stand by:50W
    Argon quality99.999%, Argon pressure>4Mpa
    Argon consumption5L/min during spark mode
    InterfaceEthernet data transmission based on DM9000A