W2 Optical Emission Spectrometer
Designed Specifically for Nonferrous Metal
· Ideal for nonferrous metal testing and quality control
· Nonferrous metal analyzer
· User-friendly software operation
· Worry-free Analysis
· Ultra-reliable Results
· Long-term Availability
· Best price/performance ratio
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  • W2 is designed specifically for nonferrous metal. It is reliable analyzer when it comes to nonferrous metals analysis. It is our entry level model which is available as a dedicated single-base unit as well as a versatile multi-base system. The overall optical design has been enhanced, and with improvements in CCD technology used to further improve the performance of the W2 while retaining the major benefit of earlier units. This gives the W2 the ability to analysis elements across the complete range of nonferrous metals and alloys. 

  • W2 optical emission spectrometers(spark OES) is used for applications in nonferrous metal elemental analysis for science and industry like Metallurgy, Foundry, Mechanical Engineering, Scientific Research, Product Inspection, Automobile, Petrochemical Engineering, Shipbuilding, Nonferrous Metallic Processing and Recycling. It is including full element analysis range, but at same time the element analysis amount can be bespoke.

    Detection Matrices:

    Aluminium(Al) and its alloys 

    Copper(Cu) and its alloys

    Cobalt(Co) and its alloys

    Magnesium(Mg) and its alloys

    Zinc(Zn) and its alloys

    Lead(Pb) and its alloys

    Tin(Sn) and its alloys

    Small sample, special size sample and wire detection

  • Best Long-Term Stability and Precision

    1.Optical system adopts the highest-precision optical grating with the concentration of 3600l/mm, matching multiple CCD combinations, to ensure the highest precision of the optical system.

    2.Innovation design of the digital excitation light source, tungsten electrode and argon gas injection excitation mode can help different excitation parameters according to the specific type of the materials, which stabilizes the spark discharge with stabilized measured results.

    Spectral Lines of the Elements

    1.W2 covers all the elements to be analyzed in the nonferrous metals so that customers can analyze whichever elements they need.

    2.Optical system includes the solid-state detector that can measure all the spectral lines excited from the measured samples.

    3.Convenient for the possible upgrade, and the addition of analysis lines(elements).


    Control, Acquisition and Readout System

    1.Electronic system has the abilities of multichannel integration controlled by microprocessors and data system acquisition.

    2.High-Speed A/D Converter

    3.High-Performance DSP and ARM Processors have the functions of ultra-high speed data acquisition and control.

    4.The instruments can automatically monitor the real-time operation status of several modules such as the optical chamber temperature, the argon gas pressure, the light source system and operations control system.

    Open Spark Stand

    1.Open Spark Stand is free to test samples with different shapes.

    2.Pollution-free Tungsten Electrodes do not need to be renewed.

    3.Argon gas flushes the spark stand with low consumption of the gas.

    Analysis Software

    1.Windows-based CCD Full-Spectrum Graphical Analysis Software with Multiple National Languages is convenient and reliable.

    2.The entire measurement process controlled by All-In-One Management provides users with powerful data processing and detailed test report read-out.

    3.The instrument can be equipped with multiple industrial correction curves and more material analyses and advanced solutions.

    4.The software realized the algorithm, with full-spectrum detection and intelligently removing interference, dark current, background and aliasing, improves the analytical ability of the instrument.

    5.Complete function of automatic systematic diagnostics.

    6.Complete function of database management makes it convenient to search and collect data.

    7.Intelligent Correction Algorithm ensures the stability and reliability of the device.

  • Item


    Optical system

    The Paschen Runge construction full vacuum type optics system

    Wavelength coverage


    Focal length



    High-performance CCD Array

    Type of Lamp-house

    New digital adjustable light, high energy precombustion technology(HEPS)

    Discharge frequency


    Discharge current

    Maximum  400A

    Testing time

    According to the sample type,generally about 25s


    Tungsten material injection electrode

    Analytical gap

    The sample analysis of clearance:3.4mm

    Vacuum system

    The vacuum automatic control and monitoring software

    Room temperature


    Argon purity requirements


    Argon gas inlet pressur


    Argon flow

    Stimulate the flow around 3.5L/min

    Working temperature


    Working humidity


    Working power supply

    220V  AC   50/60Hz